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Here is an interview that was conducted by e-mail for an un-named school magazine.

It was sent to the curmudgeonly Lee & Herring pages by Lynn who has given a web page over to the mad rantings of Simon Quinlank and his Hobby Fest.
Q to Stew: Who does your hair?
Stew: It is my chosen style. I normally get it cut in Edinburgh when I go up there about 4 times a year.
Q to Rich: Who buys your shirts?
Rich: The BBC buys the one you see on telly. In the first series they kind of chose them for me. This time round we've had a bit more say in what we wear. Most of the shirts are made by Ted Baker and are stupidly expensive. I sometimes buy some of these myself if they are nice.
Q: Fave item of clothing?
Stew: A black corduroy shirt that my ex-girlfriend's mum gave me when I was 17. It is now in rags.
Rich: My nephew who is 11 made in a really funny Fist of Fun T shirt which he painted himself. It might appear in the show in a sketch about a beard.
Q: Fave band?
Stew: Giant Sand
Rich: The Sex Pistols
Q: Are you ever mistaken for Lea and Perrins instant marinade?
Ans: no, we look very different. we are two human men and the marinade is a black sauce. Even were it to be put in full size human shaped bottles people would easily be able to tell the difference.
Q: When did you realise you were funny?
Stew: On January 4th 1980
Rich: I used to make my mum and nan laugh doing little puppet shows behind the sofa when I was 5. But I don't know if I really think of myself as being funny. It's subjective.
Q: Is Balham really interesting?
Ans:Yes. It is a melting pot of different cultures and as it is not a fabulously wealthy area all the people are friendly. Rich now lives a mile up the road in Clapham South and hates all the accountants etc who are his neighbours. In Balham there is a good bar called Goblins which stays open after hours and the shopkeepers are great, especially Raj Patel at Maston News who was in the show in episode 1.
Q: Does Peter make more money out of Pot Noodle ads and does he get given a shower?
Ans: Yes, he does. he earned heaps for that. we won't do adverts because we think it is selling out and we don't want to get into the habit of being paid to say what someone else wants us to. Peter does shower in real life, I think.
Q: Do you think that East 17 are really not just pointing at invisable objects but are really trying to teach the youth of today about Flemings left and right hand rules to show force, motion and field in electromagnets and motors?
Ans: Having met Brian Harvey and seen the others quite close up I am sure they are not aware of any scientific laws or in fact anything at all. They are not the cleverset men in the world, but they are very rich so well done to them. But this question is a brilliant joke and we might nick it off you and use it. Thanks.
Q: Are you going to release a record?
Stew: In Spain under a false name,
Rich: Stewart has pretensions to being a serious pop star. I suspect we might release a record at some point. But hopefully it will be funny and good and not a rip off.
Thanks for your interesting questions. We have to go and write the show now. Love Rich and Stew