• Richard Herring's Meaning Of Life
    Richard Herring's latest internet project, a six episode stand-up show about the big questions of life like Creation, the Paranormal, Love and Death. An edited video of the shows will be available for free on Vimeo, with stand-up, sketches and animations; and a longer paid version of the show will be available as either a video or audio download from www.gofasterstripe.com.
  • The Alternative Comedy Experience
    Filmed at Edinburgh's Stand Comedy Club in July 2012, and broadcast over 12 episodes in early 2013, Stew executive produced this series for Comedy Central, as well as chairing interviews with the acts involved.

    The Alternative Comedy Experience played host to the likes of Simon Munnery, Tony Law, Josie Long, Stephen Carlin, Henning Wehn, Paul Foot, Isy Suttie, and many, many more great standups who you'd never expect to see on "Live At The Apollo" or similar shows. With the aim of showcasing their talents, the first series was a success for the channel, and will be returning for a second series in 2014.

    Download the first series iTunes here.
  • John Cage's Indeterminacy
    Since 2009, Stewart Lee has joined forces with Steve Beresford & Tania Chen for occasional performances of John Cage's piece, Indeterminacy.
    This is a piece that comes as a box of 90 cards with the instructions, "Read the stories aloud, with or without accompaniment, paced so that each takes one minute. A stop-watch or watch with a second hand will help keep time. Read all 90 stories in order or select a smaller number, using chance procedures or not."
    Lee reads the stories at random, whilst Chen & Beresford improvise a soundtrack in the background.
    Download performances of Indeterminacy on iTunes here.
  • Richard Herring's Objective
    Richard Herring tries to reclaim objects we've grown to hate, starting with The Toothbrush Moustache, taking the initial cue from his own show, "Hitler Moustache" as the basis for the first episode.
    Other items Rich investgates include; The Wheelchair, The Golliwog, The C.U. Jimmy Hat & Hoodies.
    Download both series here.
  • Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe / Leicester Square Podcast
    In August 2011, Richard Herring got out of his high-backed armchair to celebrate his 20th Edinburgh Fringe with daily, improvised, topical chat show, which was released daily as a podcast.
    He has continued this with a run at London's Leicester Square Theatre, and a second year in Edinburgh. As with his previous podcasts, The British Comedy Guide host the shows for Rich.
    You can download the Edinburgh podcasts here, or the London ones, here.
  • Me1 vs Me2 Snooker
    Since the demise of Richard's podcast with Andrew Collins, and calling time on As It Occurs To Me, Rich decided to continue his podcast output with this series of exhibition snooker matches in which he recreates his lonely childhood by playing himself at snooker and commentating as he plays.
    Critical reception seems to indicate that Herring may have finally lost his mind, a perception Rich seems to revel in.
    Make up your own mind, by downloading them via iTunes, here.
  • As It Occurs To Me
    A weekly internet stand up and sketch show written and performed by Richard Herring, assisted by Emma Kennedy, Dan Tetsell & Christian Reilly.
    All material is generated in the week before recording from topical events and what’s been going on in Richard’s ridiculous life and is presented Untested and Uncensored.
    As It Occurs To Me (AIOTM) ran for three series, and you can download the archive for free on iTunes or The British Comedy Guide, or buy the complete collection, with loads of extra stuff you can't get elsewhere, here - from GoFasterStripe.
  • Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle
    In 2009, Stewart returned to television, with his first solo standup series.
    Comprising 6 half hours of standup & sketches, Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle was critically acclaimed - and even nominated for a BAFTA. It returned for a second series in 2011, this time winning an unprecedented two British Comedy Awards, and a BAFTA for Best Comedy.
    You can buy the DVD of series one here & the DVD of series two, here. A Further two series have been commissioned, with series three broadcasting throughout the spring of 2014.
  • Bad Habits
    Rich's 5-part 2008 Radio 4 venture saw him investigating - as the title suggests - Bad Habits and personal failings which affect us in our daily working lives. Visit the BBC Radio page for the series here or download them all here.
  • Batteries Not Included
    Rich wrote material for, and appeared as a talking head in, this John Cleese fronted show for digital channel Dave that took "an entertaining, informative and downright funny look at the weird and wonderful world of gadgets and gizmos". You can view some clips & out takes on Dave's site, here.
  • The Collings & Herrin Podcasts
    Teaming up with Andrew Collins, Rich produced these weekly, rambling podcasts between February 2008 & November 2011. They have even undertaken live podcasts, including runs at the Edinburgh Festival and exclusive video podcasts on Richard's DVD releases.
    You can download the archive at this website, or on iTunes.
  • Kombat Opera
    Following the success of Jerry Springer: The Opera, BBC 2 comissioned this 5 part series from Richard Thomas - taking his unique operatic style & applying it to a number of shows of the time. Kevin Eldon featured, and Stew contributed to some of the episodes.
  • Time Trumpet
    Stewart Lee appeared alongside Mark Watson, Adam Buxton & others in this Armando Iannucci fronted series set 30 years in the future, looking back on the present day. Inspired in part by 2004: The Stupid Version. The show's official site is here.
  • Kevin Eldon - Poet's Tree
    Long-standing collaborator Kevin Eldon presented this 6 part Radio 4 series in early 2008 in the guise of pompous poet Paul Hamilton. It was co-written with Stewart Lee. You can download it here.
  • Andrew Collins' BBC6 Music Show
    Andrew Collins' show on BBC 6Music sowed the seeds for "The Collings & Herrin Podcasts". Rich was a regular guest, coming in to go through the newspapers with Collins. You can listen to excerpts from these shows here.
  • Banter
    Rich has been a regular panelist on all three (to date) series of this radio 4 show hosted by Andrew Collins.
    Download them here.
    Rich also appears in the television version, under the new name "Rule of Three", with Rebecca Front taking over the role of host.
  • Little Britain
    Rich worked as Script Editor for the third series of Lucas & Walliam's hit BBC show, which also featured regular appearances by Paul 'Curious Orange' Putner.
  • You Can Choose Your Friends
    In June 2007, a one-off comedy drama written by Rich aired on ITV. Rich performed alongside old cohort Rebecca Front, in an impressive cast headed up by the late Anton Rodgers.
    Watch it here.
  • Heads Up With Richard Herring
    Indulging his passion for poker, Rich hosted this poker based chat show on cable channel Pokerzone for 10 editions in 2005.
    View a brief clip put online by the production team behind it, here.
  • Vic Reeves' Best & Worst Of God
    Both Lee & Herring contributed (individually) to this one-off Vic Reeves fronted talking head show examining the best & worst creations & aspects of the world we live in.
  • 2004: The Stupid Version
    This intentionally silly talking heads style show looked at the events of 2004 from the perspective of Armando Iannucci. Broadcast on New Year's Eve 2004, contributers included Stewart Lee, Adam Buxton, Richard Ayoade & Matt Holness.
    Time Trumpet picked up the format in 2006
  • One Way Single Parent Family Favourites
    For an extended period between 2003 & 2005, Stew hosted this show on London's community arts radio station, Resonance FM, in rotation with David Quantick & Pete Sargent, who took the show over from Billy Jenkins.
    You can download some of them here.
  • Attention Scum
    Stew directed this tragically overlooked Simon Munnery fronted show that featured the talents of Kevin Eldon, Johnny Vegas & others which was aired in 2001 & treated badly by the BBC
    Prior to this, a pilot had been recorded (but never transmitted) for Channel 4 under the name Cluub Zarathrustra.
    You can view the pilot on Youtube. Part 1 | Part 2
  • Time Gentlemen Please
    Rich co-wrote 37 episodes of this sitcom centred around Al Murray's Pub Landlord character, with Murray. It ran for two series on Sky television between 2000 & 2002. Stew made a few contributions to this, too. Buy it here.
  • Harry Hill
    Stew worked as script editor for 3 series of Harry's original Channel 4 series, and made a few on screen appearances in the christmas special, as Stewart Flea & a punk.
  • Channel 5's Comedy Network
    A Mid 90s television effort from the (then fledgeling) Channel 5 to showcase stand up. Regular appearances were made by Julian Barratt, Boothby Graffoe, Kevin Eldon & Stewart Lee, amongst others.
  • Alan Parker's 29 Minutes Of Truth
    Simon Munnery (as Alan Parker) presented 2 series of these shows on Radio One over 1993 & 1994 with Stewart Lee in tow as Parker's sidekick, "Fat Stu". Stew also features as guitarist in Parker's band, The Truth.
    Download them here
  • On The Hour
    The celebrated radio show that would become the celebrated TV show, The Day Today. On The Hour was fronted by Chris Morris & features a youthful Alan Partridge. Both series are now officially released in their entirety (including Lee & Herring's contributions, which had famously been cut from the original cassette release) - More info & links to buy can be found at www.onthehour.info