I've only just found this site, how long has it been going?
It's been here a while, in one form or another.
The original Fistoffun.net was first launched in January 2002. It wasn't very good, really.
But it grew over time, and this (now 4th) iteration of the site was launched in November 2012.
The intention had been to do it a year earlier, to co-incide with the DVD release of Fist Of Fun, but that never happened.
So it ended up having a bit of downtime & co-inciding with the launch of the second series instead. Ah well.

Why is this even here?
Initially, this site was born from the discovery of cookdandbombd.co.uk - a Chris Morris fansite.
Now a bristling comedy discussion forum, in 2002 its focus was an extensive download section containing Morris' radio shows of 1994 (now more likely to be found here).
It served as a reminder of the similarly-formatted Lee & Herring shows from around that time.
And so, after tracking down those shows, this archive was set up to house Lee & Herring's otherwise forgotten contributions to mid-90s radio.
As time went on, contributions were added to the archive & the download section grew, and it appears that quite a few people were on the lookout for Lee & Herring material, so this site continues to exist in order to help share these rarities around.

Do you accept contributions?
Yes. If there's anything you've got & can't see on the site, it's all worth adding, so do get in touch.
We won't add anything that's commercially available, though.
In the past people have offered bootleg recordings of performances of more recent shows that have also appeared on DVD, and - interesting though they are - that's pretty much the only thing we won't accept. Historical bootlegs would be nice though.
Anyone wanting to make any kind of contribution can get in touch on the contact page.

Where can I buy Lee & Herring stuff?
The best place is Go Faster Stripe, a small company based in Wales.
Since forming to release Stew's '90s Comedian' they've gone on to release several of Rich's shows as well as various audio CDs for both Lee & Herring, and many many other comedians who might not otherwise have been able to release their material.

GFS are the place to go for a 4-DVD set of Fist Of Fun Series 1, or a 4-DVD set of Fist Of Fun 2, having bought the rights to the show from the BBC.
For a full run-down of Lee & Herring related products, and links to buy them online, click on the merchandise page of this site.

Why is this site not often updated?
Because it's more of an archive site than anything else.
The original idea was to get the otherwise unavailable radio shows up for people to download & share.
The site has expanded a lot since that original idea, and is occasionally updated when there's something to report, when people contribute new stuff to add to the site, or if there's some live shows going on - things like that.
Of course, Rich & Stew have both launched their individual sites and maintain thorough archives on those, too - which didn't exist when this site was first started.

Why don't Lee & Herring work as a double act any more?
After TMWRNJ finished it's second series, Rich & Stew went off on different projects.
By the time these projects had finished, they learned that TMWRNJ was not recomissioned, so continued to work on the things they had arrived at seperately.
With hindsight, both seem to agree that this was probably for the best anyway.

There's occasional brief returns to the double act. Notably the benefit gig, "Tedstock" at the start of 2007 (a bootleg of which can be viewed here) and as part of one of Richard's Hammersmith Lyric gigs in November 2008, but a full reunion of the double act is highly unlikely any time soon.
Meanwhile, they're both enjoying success working on their own things.

How do I get in touch?
If you want to contact Rich & Stew, then you can do so via their official websites - www.stewartlee.co.uk or www.richardherring.com.
If you want to get in touch with this site, then head over to the contact page for the relevant details.

I've Got More Questions
Rich also has a FAQ page on his site, you can look at it here to see if that helps.