Lee & Herring Press

This Morning With Richard Not Judy

1999 Jesus Complaint - A complaint made to TMWRNJ's producer about the religious content, and Stew's reply to it.
28th August 1998 - A Monkey named Spank recounts Rich & Stew's '98 festival performances.
14th May 1998 - Manchester - A fan review from the 1998 TMWRNJ tour.
20th March 1998 - TMWRNJ Interview for The Reading Chronicle
13th February 1998 - Pre-Publicity for This Morning With Richard Not Judy with The Guardian
30th March 1999 - "Derek B" sends his views on TMWRNJ series 1, show 5. Richard Herring responds
29th March 1999 - An American visitor recounts his experience as a TMWRNJ audience member
What's the Story? Morning TV Glory! - TMWRNJ Pre-Publicity for the NME
1998 Fanzine Interview - An interview with Hermaphrodite Fanzine around the time of TMWRNJ
3rd December 1998 - A Fan reviews a warmup for TMWRNJ

Fist Of Fun

Fist Of Fun - Retrospective feature from The Comedy Lounge
A Runner's Account - Simon Harries, a runner, tells of his experiences on the set of Fist Of Fun Series 2
Questions GraveYard Part One - Questions answered on the BBC website while Fist Of Fun 1 was airing
Questions GraveYard Part Two - Questions answered on the BBC website while Fist Of Fun 1 was airing

Miscellaneous Articles & Interviews

Kevin Eldon - One of Lee & Herring's longest standing accomplices interviewed for Comedy Lounge
Lee & Herring Factsheet - An 'FAQ' piece written for www.leeandherring.com
The Radio Years - Article for The Comedy Lounge
Sian's Comedy Wardrobe - Rich & Stew answer some questions for this online fanzine
22nd March 2002 - A preview of Rich & Stew's appearance in "Dr. Who"
July 2001 - Rich & Stew interviewed seperately about their individual works by Designer Magazine.
May 2001 - Interview with Rich & Stew from the Comedy Lounge
September 2000 - A Celebration Of Mediocrity, "Off The Telly" Feature.
18th April 1999 - The Independent On Sunday - How Rich & Stew met.
1998 Email interview - An email interview with Meldreth Manor School from 1998
1998 On The Hour Interview - Chris Morris fansite, Thrift Funnel interview Rich & Stew about their contribution to On The Hour
December 1998 - Interview with Chris Moyles on Capital Radio
August 1997 - "Hardest Working Men In Comedy" Edinburgh Festival interview
14th August 1997 - Rich & Stew agree to an Internet Relay Chat Interview in Edinburgh
20th December 1996 - Interview with Nicky Campbell on Radio 1
10th December 1996 - Interview with Mark & Lard on Radio 1
16th October 1996 - Virgin Radio interview by Russ & Jono
4th July 1996 - Backstage interview at Battersea Arts Centre for Christ's Fat Cock Fanzine
May 1996 - An interview conducted at the Royal & Derngate, Northampton
Edinburgh 1996 - Rich & Stew interviewed in Edinburgh for comedyweb
30th July 1996 - Stewart Lee visits Mark & Lard on Radio 1
1996 Email interview - An interview given to the magazine of an un-named school
1996 Interview - An interview conducted by the Hutchings brothers
Twin Geeks - November 1995 Interview with Sky Magazine
Fisting My Sobriety - Vox Magazine May / June 1995
4th November 1995 - Imperial College Student TV Interview transcript

Stewart Lee Press

Stewart Lee & Dave Gorman - A cartoon of the two comedians penned by Harry Hill
11th January 2003 - An interview with Stew from Drowned In Sound
25th April 2002 - A Far More Detailed Review of Stew's benefit for the Vortex Jazz club.
25th April 2002 - The Evening Standard review Stew's benefit for the Vortex Jazz.
April 2002 - Stew organised this event to save the Stoke Newington Vortex Jazz Club - here's the flyer.
26 January 2002 - Stewart caricatured by The Times in their coverage of "Satire Week"
2nd August 2001 - The Guardian - Some "Perfect Fool" Publicity from Stew
30th July 2001 - Chortle.co.uk review Stew's debut novel, The Perfect Fool.
The Perfect Fool - Hermaphrodite Fanzine reviews Stew's debut novel
9th July 2001 - Stew chooses 5 books to recommend to Guardian readers
1st May 2001 - When Satire Wasn't Dull - Spiked Online Magazine
12th March 2001 - "They're All Scum" - Stew's article for The Guardian detailing BBC2's insensitive treatment of "Attention Scum"
Stewart Lee Questionnaire - A brief Questionnaire for Comedy Online.
Saturated - Stew describes his experiences of selling his film script to Hollywood.
August 2000 - Chortle review Stew's Edinburgh show, Badly Mapped World
26th July 2000 - Stew is interviewed during a visit to Bath.
30th March 2000 - Stage Left review Stew in Australia
August 1997 - A review of Stew's Edinburgh show, King Dong vs Moby Dick.
Stewart Lee's Glastonbury Diary - Vox Magazine - September 1995

Jerry Springer The Opera

19th May 2003 - Culture Vulture on Jerry Springer: The Opera
10th December 2002 - CBS News report on Jerry Springer: The Opera
18th February 2002 - A review from an early run of Jerry Springer: The Opera
2nd September 2001 - The Independent On Sunday catch an early trial run of JS:TO
20th August 2001 - The Independent interview Richard Thomas on Jerry Springer: The Opera

Pea Green Boat

Pea Green Boat - The Scotsman review Stewart Lee's 2002 Edinburgh Show
Pea Green Boat - Chortle.co.uk review Stewart Lee's 2002 Edinburgh Show
Pea Green Boat - The Guardian review Stewart Lee's 2002 Edinburgh Show
Pea Green Boat - The Evening News review Stewart Lee's 2002 Edinburgh Show
Pea Green Boat - The Observer review Pea Green Boat at BAC, Feb 2003
Pea Green Boat - The Flyer for Stew's 2001 show, performed at the Battersea Arts Centre

Richard Herring Press

1998 Interview - Rich is interviewed by Amber Holloway.
24th June 1997 - Rich completes a questionnaire for The Flumcake, in which the interviewer is overly sarcastic.
Richard Herring's Guide To Cheddar - Comedy Review Magazine - 1995

Talking Cock

Enough Rope... Rich is interviewed on Australian TV while Talking Cock plays in Melbourne.
Talking Cock - The Metro review Richard Herring's 2002 Edinburgh Show
2003: Designer Magazine - Rich is interviewed about Talking Cock & what the future holds
2003: Reclaiming The Cock - Coverage of Rich's book reading at Oxford University
29th October 2003 - Rich is interviewed about Talking Cock & other stuff by ProperTop
11th February 2003 - Rich is interviewed in Leicester about "Talking Cock"
August 2002 - Chortle.co.uk reviews Talking Cock
August 2002 - The Independent review Talking Cock in Edinburgh
August 2002 - Kate Copstick reviews Talking Cock for The Scotsman
29th July 2002 - Rich responds to people taking offence to the title of "Talking Cock" - The Guardian

Christ On A Bike

26th March 2002 - An unhappy Bath student expresses his feelings on Christ On A Bike
26th March 2002 - "The Aquarium" previews Christ On A Bike's visit to Bath University
7th August 2001 - The Guardian Review "Christ On A Bike" at the 2001 Edinburgh Festival
August 2001 - Chortle Review Christ On A Bike in 2001
July 2001 - The Press Release for Rich's 2001 show at The Edinburgh Festival

Reference Articles

Fist Of Fun - The Radio HaHa Entry
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There seems little point collecting further press as - since the original inception of this site - Rich & Stew now both maintain up to date press archives on their official sites, so go to stewartlee.co.uk & richardherring.com for more.