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"Derek B" Complains about TMWRNJ

Here's an email complaint we received, Derek B e-mailed us to say:
Subject heading - Great Show!!


Last week: pathetically unfunny spoof of Titanic.

This week: completely derisory Trainspotting "alternative ending"

don't tell me, you have a The Full Monty "skit" coming up next huh?

you guys are easily the least amusing people I have ever had the misfortune of seeing and not even vaguely relevant to 1999 so why don't you take your show 'round the university campuses and off the public airwaves. you could do a few "ha ha look at me I'm Morrissey no not really" sketches and would no doubt go down a storm.


Richard mailed him back & said:

Very clever trick there. Great show! Not! V good. And how relevant to 1999
No we're not doing the Full Monty. You'll have to make up your own ending for that one.

Sorry that we're not relevant to 1999 in even a vague sense. We will try to inform the people who are enjoying the show that they are wrong too and that they should become more up to date.

We toured universities in the early 90s and have no desire to do so again. It's a shame you don't like our stuff and thanks for going out of your way to tell us, rather than just not bothering to watch us like most like some stupid people might do.

Thanks for mailing though. It puts the 100 positive e mails we received today into some kind of perspective.

Rich Herring
On a more positive note many people enjoyed the show, including Ryan K Johnson who is from Seattle USA and happened to be over in the country and came to see show 1. You can read his views on http://britishtv.miningco.com/library/weekly/aa032999.htm

Thanks for mailing and writing. We're not getting time to reply to them all (it took over an hour to download and read the e mails today) but we do read them. Overall there isn't anything you all hate (Gary Puttner maybe) and most things seem to be getting appreciative comments, though there is at least one negative comment for every item.