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The Actor Kevin Eldon. Perhaps one of the scariest comedy performers on the planet (see the Child Catcher in This Morning With Richard Not Judy 2, or any number of characters from Jaaaaaaam), he is also one of the most amazingly gifted and talented. He has starred in some of the greatest comedy shows ever made (This Morning With Richard Not Judy, Cluub Zarathustra, Fist of Fun, Big Train and London Shouting to name but a few). KRFS interviewed him via e-mail and these are the words he used.

Do you ever regret going into comedy?
I have had proper jobs, bank, civil service, labouring, post-office. And I'm glad I did them cos they were mostly horrible and make me never stop realising how jolly smashing it is to have a job you really love.

What makes you want to make people laugh?
I'm into teeth.

Who makes you laugh and who are your heroes?
My Uncle George, John Hyndes a fat builder bloke from Islington, Davey Johns, Sean Lock, Steptoe and Son, the Mighty Boosh, Reeves and Mortimer, Chris Morris. And many many more. Comedy heroes? All of the above.

What is your favourite routine / joke / character that you do?
No particular favourite really. Don't like doing the same thing too much, so I'm always into what I'm working on at the moment. As long as it isn't shit obviously.

Have you ever said or done anything on stage that you really regretted?
Disembowelled some old folk. Then I shouted that I was glad. In retrospect I went too far.

What are the best and worst things about performing for a month in Edinburgh?
The best is being all together with other performers you get on with and seeing them a lot rather than periodically. The worst is the abuse of liver and the exhaustion which usually results in severe psychosis.

Out of all the television and radio shows you have done, what is the one you are most proud of? Which is the one you have most enjoyed making?
Really loved doing Big Train. We all got on and all the crew were great and the material was good and we just had the loveliest time. And I think it came out great. I love doing Blue Jam too. Seeing as at the moment I only do jobs I want to do I enjoy them all.

How much input do you have into the characters you play (eg. Simon Quinlank/Rod Hull)?
Rich and Stew come up with most of the full text and main thrust of the characters but I'm allowed to change and edit and add. I always ask them first but they're very unprecious about it, Gawd bless them, the Oxbridge twats.

Are you happy with the way your career is heading and where would you like it to go? Do you have any big ambitions for the future?
In that I get paid, only do jobs that I think are good and don't involve wankers, I think my career's doing just dandy. Only ambition is to keep doing stuff as well as I can. And to perfect new and disturbing dances.

Source - The Comedy Lounge