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Fist of Fun - BBC Youth & Entertainment Features - March 1996: Production Runner Series B (4 weeks in Studio)

Tx: BBC2, February - March 1996, Fridays at 10pm

This is one of my favourite jobs to date, even though I had very little to do except - as Richard Herring pointedly observed - sit around the production office at BBC Television Centre watching old episodes of "Emu's Broadcasting Company".
I maintain I did try to make myself useful whenever possible.
For example, I counted the 1p and 2p coins sent in by viewers after Stewart's appeal, that he then presented to Luciano Pavarotti at Covent Garden in my specially-prepared envelope.

I also took photographs of a dodgy pub in Goldhawk Road, W12, used in the show, in which a prize-winning member of the audience from Sheffield was to be accommodated. I chose suitable "Crowded House" tracks for inclusion in one of the "Teachers" sketches, and a clip from "Emu's Broadcasting Company", used in programme six to prove which of the Rod Hulls was real.
Like any decent runner would, I bought tea and coffee from "Stroller's Deli" for anyone and everyone. It was absolutely brilliant being around for these four weeks, and my only regret is that I couldn't have joined the team earlier.
I love "Fist of Fun" - and the follow up series "This Morning with Richard not Judy" - for they appeal totally to my sense of humour.
Best of all, I met Stewart, Richard and Rod Hull.
Series Producer: Sarah Smith

Source - SimonHarries.com