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STEWART LEE in King Dong Vs Moby Dick

If anyone has caught Stewart Lee's solo slots on any of the Lee and Herring tours, then you pretty much know what to expect. This is more a lecture than a stand-up routine, illustrated with cue cards and slides for props. Far less cut-and-paste than his more famous works, Lee's proposing a thesis here: that the original idea for his show was a terrible one. After all, it's a great idea to have a show with two synonyms for penis in the title, but how do you keep it up (yeah, yeah, right, erection gag, oh, mon sides) for an hour?

After all, many comedians have great ideas for a gag, or a show: least ways, they seem pretty damn hilarious before a good night's sleep. Lee has taken one of those ideas that falls apart in the hyper-critical light of day and recognised more comedic potential in its conceptual failure than its success. Through illustrated lecture, confessional and dick jokes Lee turns in one of the subtler but more rewarding shows of the past few years.

Lee remains one of the most terrifying anti/intellectual comics on the circuit, showing the audience equal disdain for being unaware of Moby Dick and the Teletubbies. His task is as much educational as entertaining, the intellectual offspring of Alan Ginsberg and Jello Biafra in stand-up mode.

Like all good lectures, it's not filled with side-splitting jocularity. But this isn't a joke book: it's a trip, where the structure is as important as the content, even if it only becomes apparent in retrospect. Oh, and there's giant penii, just to keep your attention. But you'll be thinking too much to notice.

Venue: The Pleasance
Venue Number: 33
Show Length: 1 Hour
Time: 8pm
Dates: 6-30 August (not 12, 26)

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