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Stewart Lee Interview for Comedy Online

Why did you become a comedian?
I dunno. I always wanted to do it.  Initially I thought it would buy me time while I tried to write.  Then it became what I did. I saw Ted Chippington when I was about 16. It was 1984/5 and he was neither Ben Elton nor Bernard Manning. I realised stand-up could be interesting

Favourite comedy venue?
The Espalanade, St Kilda, Melbourne. Australia

Favourite comedian?
Simon Munnery

First gig, what was it like?
Great. I was a student. I did half an hour

Biggest on-stage cock-up?

Imaginary best comedy line-up? (i.e. famous people who are NOT comedians but should be)
John Shuttleworth, Ted Chippington, Simon Munnery, Ross Noble, Johnny Vegas, me

Plans for the future?
Don't want to be on telly again unless properly funded and not BBC.  Do more stand-up and get better.  Finish my book. Raise funds for my film.  Lose weight

Why did the chicken cross the road?
Bilogical imperatives

Anything else you'd liked to say?
Jamie Theakston is a disarmingly nice man

Stewart Lee


Best known as part of the double act with Richard Herring, Stewart Lee is still a regular on the stand-up circuit. Almost the opposite of 'in your face' he uses audience heckles to pursue abstract trains of thought, rather than telling straightforward gags. An incredibly quick mind and a deadpan delivery produce a unique and very entertaining brand of humour.