Alan Parker's 29 Minutes Of Truth
Alan Parker - Urban Warrior From Radiohaha:
Alan Parker Urban Warrior, the clueless, Sham 69-obsessed, cod-radical creation of character comedian Simon Munnery, offered the people of Britain “29 minutes of truth… and one minute’s silence… in memory of the people no-one remembers” in this ‘built’ show which mixed urgent propaganda with half-cocked reports on the state of the nation. Alan, a latterday Wolfie Smith, aimed to provoke revolution using a Mockney accent, an assortment of sampled Clash riffs and some spectacular slogans (“On your side!”; “The Birmingham Six are free — when will the rest of Birmingham be free?”; “People of Briterrrrrrrrrn! Don’t let them trample you into the ground! Trample yourselves into the ground! Then blame them.”)

He was generally assisted by an accomplice with a weight problem, variously called ‘Hammond’ or ‘Stu’ and played by none other than Stewart Lee.

These are the first two radio series to expose the nation to Alan Parker: Urban Warrior, the most left-wing man in the pub.

Each series ran for three episodes, presented here, although sadly missing the live special that followed the last episode of series 2.
These mp3s were encoded from old, off-air cassette recordings, and may have a few seconds missing here and there.
These files were found online - so thankyou to whoever encoded them originally.
Alan Parker's 29 Minutes Of Truth - Series One - 1993

Series One, Show One -
Series One, Show Two -
Series One, Show Three -

Alan Parker's 29 Minutes Of Truth - Series Two - 1994

Series Two, Show One -
Series Two, Show Two -
Series Two, Show Three -

1996(?) Christmas Special -