One Way Single Parent Family Favourites: 2003 - 2005

Resonance FM
For an extended period between 2003 & 2005, Stew hosted this show on London's community arts radio station, Resonance FM, in rotation with David Quantick & Pete Sargent, who took the show over from Billy Jenkins.

The show went out on Sunday lunchtimes & featured an eclectic mix of music (largely from Stew's own personal collection) and at least one guest each week - often from the world of comedy.

Notable guests included Daniel Kitson, Richard Herring, Adam Buxton & Lucas & Walliams

These are not all the shows, but here's a selection of the few that have been found in circulation.

Thanks to whoever captured them to begin with.

One Way Single Parent Family Favourites: 2003 - 2005

Sunday 6th July 2003 with Rick Bland, Gary Le Strange & Lucy Porter -
Sunday 27th July 2003 with Andy Zaltzman & Andy Miller -
Sunday 31st August 2003 with Dan Maier & Boothby Graffoe -
Sunday 14th September 2003 with Peter Paphidies & Ben Moor -
Sunday 5th October 2003 with John Dowie & The Ice Man -
Sunday 26th October 2003 - with Mark Beesley from Rothko -
Sunday 2nd November 2003 - with Richard Herring & Daniel Kitson -
Sunday 14th December 2003 - with Matt Lucas, David Walliams & Graham Linehan -
Sunday 2nd May 2004- with Lottie Child & Richard Herring -
Sunday 23rd May 2004 - with Peter Baynham -
Sunday 3rd July 2005 - with Adam Buxton -