SERIES ONE, SHOW ONE - Broadcast 27th March 1993

"Anything you ever heard on radio one over the past five years is about to be put through a blender & re stitched together the wrong way round."
So, Armando has stated his manifesto from the off, before introducing the first of his "Shy Sessions" - recorded by bands too cool or shy to perform in a proper studio. Muffled strains of The Wedding Present emanate from the corridor in the background.
Kerosene's "Worthless" is the first proper tune of the show, with information on the band provided by the team from ITV's "The Chart Show". For instance, did you know that on a recent tour of Switzerland, the band spent all their money on chops? You do now!

As the song finishes, it's time to say hello to the posse! It's Mr Philip Dawsons of Ladbroke Grove! Mr Dawsons will be around for a bit, so without further ado, it's time to hand over to Suzie for the height of buildings.

Armando's looking at some of the CDs that have come into the office, and has found "The Best of Simon Bates' 'Our Tune'" - the very best of the true stories have been condensed into 90 one-minute compilations/ Armando broadcasts the first of these now.

This week's guest is topical comedian Davey Mark who specialises in making jokes on events as (or sometimes even before) they happen, however - he seems to have a little bit of trouble when Armando challenges him...

An Iannucci edit of "I Feel You" by Depeche Mode provides the bed track for a phone in section of the show, during which Amanda from Nottingham wins herself some swans before a Radio One Advice Line advert on the dangers of being stupid.
Returning to the studio, Armando details another CD that has landed in his hands this week - it's a remastered version of celebrity interviews, we are treated to an example featuring Bernie Taupin - all extraneous metaphors have been removed, leaving Bernie to conclude that the piece he's talking about is "really a song". Of course, new studio techniques have helped with the mixing of metaphors too - Bernie Taupin demonstrates again.

Staying on a re-issue theme, Armando demonstrates the startling clarity of re-mastered recordings with the latest version of The Beatles' "Yesterday" in which you can now clearly hear a domestic row going on in the background...

After returning to the posse & Davey Marks, we get the first broadcast of Prime Minister John Major's "Family Values" remix of Prince's "Sexy MF", which shortly makes way for Keith in the Radio One hoover now, for the state of Britain's carpets. "Connected" by the Stereo MCs follows swiftly, with more information provided by The Chart Show team.

This takes us up to the end of the show, and Armando closes the show with details of what everyone's up to over the next week. Dave's going to be adopted, Peter's expecting to be the subject of a massive fraud enquiry, and Armando himself is going to be taking part in a bank raid at Natwest Dagenham. Get along if you fancy a day out!