Hi there. Here's all the behind the scenes secrets for the week 2 show. The e mails we have had seem to be saying you enjoyed it more this week. Whether that means it was better, or whether you're just getting used to the new format we don't know. We had 0.6 million viewers for the Friday repeat of show 1 and early indications are we had around 0.9 million for Sunday which is OK.

The titles - Rich wakes up with an old woman. Stew is smoking a bigger pipe. Esther Rantzen is on Rich's fridge, which is full of chocolate. A burglar is breaking into Rich's house as he leaves.

Robot Wars - We showed Jeremy Clarkson. The toys we used were Power Ranger enemies.

Jo Unwin and her husband, the actor Kevin Eldon. We decided to make the listings team a married couple who obviously hated each other to give it an extra level. The actor Kevin Eldon and Jo ad lib a lot of their comments.

The aims were different. Did you notice?

The Ireland material seemed to offend people on both sides of the divide, so it must be all right, but other Irish people enjoyed it. It was really parodying people who claim there are simple answers to such a complicated problem (re Paul McCartney's"Give Ireland back to the Irish" and all American films starring Brad Pitt).

King James was not a plant. He was one of four people with no money and we had a pre-show competition to decide the winner. He claimed to be 14, but we think this is just because the rules of the BBC say you have to be 14 to attend the show. His comment about Jim Davidson was unprompted. He seemed nervous and quiet, but actually quite enjoyed it all I think. It was fun shouting at his young face.

The Organ Gang was drawn by Joseph Champniss. This is an idea we have been trying to sell for 8 years, so we finally decided to do it ourselves. It's not really meant to be a parody (well, not entirely) and we actually want it to appeal to kids. So far lots of adults have liked it too (though some of you thought it was rubbish). We planned to show part two of the story (as you may have noticed) but we ran out of time, so it'll be on next week. Rich and Stew had the idea as students, when they were asked to write sketches about alcohol's effect on the body. Then in 1991 they were asked to come up with a kids' show idea and they adapted it. Spitting Image originally developed it, but no-one put up the money. Hopefully someone important will like it and we'll be able to do it properly. Brian Cant narrated the cartoon. He is probably known to older viewers as the voice of Trumpton and for his appearances in Play Away. He was a lovely man and his professionalism was astonishing. He is currently the live entertainment coordinator for Legoland in Windsor.

Milk - the milk used in the show was all from the genuine animals mentioned. No, not really. Weasel milk was one of the milks mentioned because a strange bearded man called Weasel works on the show and said it would make his friend laugh. The milk was skimmed cow's milk, except in the additional section for the Friday night repeat when all the milk had been poured away and had to be re-filled with semi-skimmed cow's milk. The milk was delicious. There'll always be milk.

The Why Not Try section was the same due to a production error. We'd written some more but they didn't make it up. Hopefully this will be sorted for next week and hopefully they'll be different each time. And hopefully there'll be a show fact one too.

The Insects Attack characters Penny and Eldon were played by Jo Unwin and the actor Kevin Eldon. We used the name Eldon after we heard a woman in the shop calling her son Eldon, which made us laugh. Mark Gatiss is being Greg Evigan as you may have noticed. He writes Dr Who novels under his own name and gay pornography under the name Christian Fawn (we think). Check Virgin's erotica line. He is particularly interested in the English Civil War, which feature in much of his writing. He used to share a flat with Ben Moor who some of you may know and who will be playing a French Exchange Student later in the series.

The Ironic Review has no story this week as it is made up from one long sketch that was cut into two bits. The next one (in a fortnight) will be the other part, about the team trying to get on to a fictional version of Radio 4's Loose Ends. It worked OK still though. The original gap while the toy is laughing was much longer and got edited down. We felt this was a shame and not as good, but maybe only because we'd seen the original first. Rich and the actor Kevin Eldon ad-libbed the last section (with the flowers).

The Mistake - as we were running out of time the producer decided to substitute the second part of the Organ Gang with an Unusual priest. Unfortunately the woman running the tapes didn't understand this and so you got both at once. We were very confused about what was going on as you may have noticed, as we'd understood the news chat bit of the show would be dropped if we were over-running. Never mind, proves it's live.

The hymn was "He's Got the Whole World in his Hand". In the warm-up Rich changed the words to "He's got a big spunking cock in his hand" and made some weak jokes about "Mine eyes hath seen the glory of the coming of the lord". He is an idiot.

The man whose face was used as cottage cheese producer Lionel Cosgrave in the listings was an ex-boyfriend of one of the women who work on the show. Lionel Cosgrave was the name of the rude Canadian boss Rich had in his last proper job. Re-venge.

Colley Cibber was a real poet Laureate who in his day was rated above Henry Fielding, but now is only remembered because Fielding used to take the piss out of him in all his books. A fate we feel is sure to occur to Patrick Marber also. (Colley Cibber's name is also a password in the book "Brighton Rock" and there is a Julian Cope song called "Colley Cibber's Birthday".