Us again. Can't take too long writing this, this week, as we've got no ideas for the show yet. Thanks for all your comments about show 3. Seems like the most popular one yet. We sustained a million viewers throughout the entire show which is the best result so far (week 1 - 1 million, 0.9 million, 1 million) (week 2 - 0.9 million, 0.8 million, 0.9 million) [THAT'S THE FIGURES EVERY 15 MINUTES DURING THE SHOW]. So come on, let's boost it up. Get all your friends to watch, especially if you know that they have one of those things on their TV that mean they are included in the figures. The Friday repeat of week 2 got 0.6 million viewers, dropping to 0.5 by the end.

The opening titles. Rich wakes up with a toothless old man. He wears a different Fist of Fun T shirt every week too, by the way. This week's was a weak lemon drink one (Quinlank) I think. Stew is smoking a very big pipe. Rich's fridge (in the close up) has as a picture of Madonna and child on it. It is full of generic lager.

Shoplifting. Fist of Fun obsessives will no doubt be up in arms that the first two lines of the shoplifting routine are the same as the first two lines form the shoplifting routine in series 1 of FOF. You FOF idiots. Given that the lawyer said we weren't allowed to do the alcoholic and shoplifter joke in show 1 of TMWRNJ, it seems odd that we were allowed to get away with this. Rich accidentally said "Richard Madeley was found innocent of his crime" which is a bit damning.

Anthony Hopkins. Yes Radio fan spazmoids will recognise this idea from the Radio 1 series. We actually recorded a version of it for the pilot of Fist of Fun (starring Phillip Whitchurch who used to be in the Bill and who obscurely was in the pilot show of Lionel Nimrod) but it never got shown. But it's always been a favourite of fans so we thought we'd give it a wider airing. It is voiced by Mark Gatiss from the League of Gentlemen and Jo Unwin (all the actresses). The bleeped word will appear in the Friday Night repeat. It was "wanking" in case you didn't understand.

Milk. In the warm up Rich attempted to drink milk out of a stuffed cuddly dog that someone had brought with them. At the Battersea warm up he attempted to drink milk out of a Shawn rucksack (from Wallace and Gromitt). Milk was mentioned in the Millennium Dome routine. It was good to see from the reaction how popular milk (not just cow's milk) is becoming. Keep on liking unusual milk everyone.

King Chris. He was a real bloke, (not an actor) and was very good value. He was the oldest person to contact us personally (a few of you nominated grand-parents, which doesn't count) He teaches computing at Eton college (that's right - the toff's school where Prince William goes - who incidentally Chris was full of genuine praise for). He was the best king we've had so far, but considering the other two were a nervous girl and a 9 year old boy this is hardly surprising. All hail King Chris. Let's hope he can stay alive even longer!

The Organ Gang - Part two. Should have been shown last week, but hey it was worth the wait. E mail opinion is very divided on this, but we think most of you will be into it in the end (the later ones, as with all the sketch stuff, are funnier). It isn't really meant to be a parody, (though there is a parody element). Try to enjoy it for what it is, you curmudgeons. You'll all be buying the T-shirts in a month's time! Honestly, all our fans are idiots.

The Unusual Priest. See you didn't like that to begin with, did you? But now you understand it, you love it. Why don't you just trust us? (Don't worry, we're only kidding.)

Lord of the Dance. This is genuinely a misunderstanding that Rich had at 4 or 5 years old and we ad libbed this routine together during the last tour. We're like John Sessions or something. It was nice to get the theory that Jesus was black on to Sunday lunch-time telly, though whether he would have spoken with a 1930s American accent is more contentious.

The Ironic Review. Again, people are warming to this idea more. But there are only 1 and a half left now, and this item will be replaced by some teacher sketches in the latter half of the series. A lot of people think Tim Stone is played by Trevor, but it isn't. It's played by Stew in a wig, as Rich said. We had to cut a big bit of Gary Putner talking about how he got the job. Doubtless this will appear on a video one day if the BBC ever make one.

Big Daddy. The routine was a tribute to Big Daddy, a hero of us both. Rich's dad went to the same school as Shirley Crabtree.

Insects. Paul Putner played the father in a delightfully understated performance. Don't know the name of the child actor.

All French women are whores. We were joking obviously. Honestly, some people. It's more about Rich as usual, and it was fun getting the audience on our side, only to then insult them. Rich was so angry he moved a cup around the table a bit.

Histor. This was meant to be the first Histor shown, but the lottery was more current in week 1. In hindsight this may have been a mistake as we think this one makes the whole idea a bit more clear. The puns are meant to be bad and relentless. Again this will develop. A version of this script(quite different) was on the radio show. Paul was King Harold and the Englishman, The actor Kevin Eldon played Jean-Pierre I and the Frenchman. We cut a really good pun, when Harold says "as a gift to their backward people" Pliny interjects "as a Swift to their Jackdaw Eagles" . Shame, think we should have left it in.

Big Daddy costume. Big daddy purists were offended that the costume had "Big Daddy" written on it. It should, of course, have read "Big D". We apologise for this mistake.

One bee was killed during the filming of this programme and one was seriously injured