Sorry it's late. We've been busy trying to write this week's show! Here's a brief BTS of week 6. The viewing figures were a bit down again (Mothering Sunday lunch?) but the audience grew during the show (0.7-0.8-0.9) so it pans out as pretty much normal. The studio audience were a bit flat this week, but apparently the show looked OK on TV.

Titles - Stu had a liquorice pipe. Rich woke up (wearing a "You want the Moon on a Stick!" T-shirt) with a mannequin wearing Stu's clothes with Stu's face stuck on it. The fridge had a picture of a graffited All Saints on it and had test tubes full of Rich's Dad's Milk inside.

Mother's Day - Luckily Rich's mum is on holiday so missed the spice rack/whore/Bobby Robson tirades. I expect she's videoed it though. Then we'll catch it! The Oedipus joke (more or less) first appeared in Lionel Nimrod, but the punchline was then "Most mum's prefer it if you just help out round the house a bit".

Histor's Eye - This skit was filmed on a different day to all the others (in the studio after show 2) so we had learnt from our mistakes and speeded up a bit. We were really tired and the sketch has a manic feel about it, but is all the better for it. The special effect of the UFO flying was achieved by a toy UFO on a fishing line! Paul Putner had his face painted green, rather than the usual orange to play the alien. He is very good. This sketch originally appeared in Lee and Herring on Radio 1. Histor's wing broke during the filming of this sketch and had to be stuck on, but you can't really tell. Unfortunately the dialogue faded a bit early so you might have missed the ad libbed ending:
HISTOR Anyway bird's don't have anuses.
PLINY I do! I've got 4.

Teachers - again we had to cut this down quite a lot, so a big section with Mr Harris prevaricating about which biscuit to have was lost. Paul Putner's performance as unnamed teacher was a delight of subtlety and is Rich's favourite thing in the sketch. The joke "as it make's them difficult to relight" was written on a polite notice on the toilet wall where our office is. We don't know who wrote it, but we hope they saw the exposure of their crap sense of humour on our TV show. The phrase "sub-Kenny Everett whimsy" was used by John Peel when Kev's band appeared on one of his sessions. Carlton Dixon our assistant producer and Joanna Hanley our researcher play the other teachers.

When Insects Attack - the small boy improvised his description of the attack, hence the fantastic expressions "I shuffled it off" and "then we started playing happily again". This was filmed in a garden in West London. The sketch was shot twice, with each kid being the one attacked, but this was the best take. Worms are not insects of course, as I don't think you need to be told.

Curious Orange - the punching and the shrieking and the general level of frighteningness are proving very popular now and the Orange seems to have entered your affections as we predicted.

The Phone In was not rigged, so MOA 1974 was narrowly voted to be in (We were going to play it anyway) though more people thought it was worth confirming the actor Kevin Eldon's simian features. It was a good job it was in because it was a very funny one. If anyone has a copy of "Noodlehead Stories from around the World" then please let us know.

Adrian Targett - Again this was real, though people thought it was a spoof. Mr Targett genuinely taught Rich and is related to a very old skellington. It was nice to see him again. One person has commented on his physical resemblance to Trevor Brooking.

Roger Crowley - another slow burner, but Crowley fans are emerging from the woodwork as each day passes.

Ice T - surprisingly no-one has complained about the similarity between this routine and one in the first series of Fist of Fun. Don't know why. The jokes are mainly different though!

Queen of the Show - she had a lovely time and she was genuinely an ex-beauty queen. Her husband had secretly rung in with this information.

Trevor and Natalie's humiliation continued apace with their having to be dressed as flowers. Their faces had to be painted yellow which made Paul Putner feel more at home, with his Orange face.

The My Mum's products on the trolley had to be especially made as this line of products has been discontinued.

Compuserve - the Compuserve problems are all real. We've already had offers of a free account from almost every provider in the world (though not Compuserve surprisingly!) We don't know which one we'll take yet, but we advise you to leave Compuserve as well if you are with them. On closing your account, please let them know that the reason you are leaving is because of their shoddy treatment of Rich and Stu. Amazingly enough when Rich got into the office on Monday the account had once again been cut off! This is entirely Compuserve's fault and Rich got very arsey with the bloke he spoke to on the phone!
Thanks for all the e-mails and the advertising us. Some really good stuff in this week. Please do keep telling us what you think. Your comments have been very useful, no matter how wrong most of them are!