Sorry it’s late. We’ve been taking a week off (Stu went to Iceland - the country not the freezer based supermarket and Rich stayed in London getting drunk and causing trouble). The last show was very well received especially the return of Rod Hull, which surprisingly no-one has complained about (ie reuse of old material). We got about 0.7 million viewers which isn’t bad considering the football was on the other side.

The Opening Titles - Stu was smoking a crack pipe and Rich woke up with the unusual priest, but can’t remember about the fridge, it was so long ago now. (I think the fridge was just full of smoke... can't remember - Rob)

It really was Stu’s birthday making this day a double celebration, leading to many hangovers and foolish behaviour that was embarrassing when remembered the next day.

The Unusual Priest - the raspberry was our favourite of the series and must be a contender for the longest raspberry ever shown on TV. Rich remembers it being about half way through and hearing in his ear piece the words "30 seconds to the end of VT". It delighted him to think there was still that long left even though it had already been going for so long. Let us doth our caps to the genius of the actor Kevin Eldon.

People have been confused as to why Trevor and Natalie were dressed in bondage gear for Palm Sunday. Rich says "It is so obvious why that is, honestly if you just think about it for a second you’ll understand. Trevor was on a dog lead and also had one of those things that dog’s wear to stop them licking themselves. Thanks to all the pervs who enjoyed seeing Natalie in her cat suit. You are the real sick men.

The Organ Gang - the last one ever probably, as it collapsed in on itself. We wanted to get across the fact that the cartoonist couldn’t be bothered to draw it anymore, hence the deterioration of the drawings. Brian Cant was at his best we feel. The closing titles were made up by cartoonist Joseph Champniss so if you want to know the significance of any of that you’ll have to find the mysterious, grumpy, Welsh misfit and ask him.

David Darlington, the last monarch of this epoch - He is a big fan of Trevor and has written in a few times, which is partly why we got him on. He’s a nice bloke who studies sonar in Edinburgh and is one of the many fantastic nerds that our empire of fans is built upon. We love you all. To find out what he thought of the day go to his web page...

Trevor and Natalie speak - As we hinted in the last BTS Trev and Nat finally got to say something. And although Natalie messed up her first line and forgot to say Glasgow and Cardiff the pretty youngsters did very well. Will the fact that they have now spoken mean that they won’t be in the next series? We don’t know. What do you think?

Roger Crowley - Last outing for this character. Don’t think we’ll do any more, but maybe we will. Roger's mum was played by Jo Unwin. Thanks to Roger Mann for scaring the nation for 7 of the last 8 weeks.

Histor’s Eye - maybe a bit soon to do this deconstruction, but we had planned to do more. Again tiredness and pressure of time mean this wasn’t quite as good as we’d hoped, but for any one in doubt it was proven that Histor at least, is a puppet. The puppets will probably return next series and will also be accompanying us on tour, with a history of each town we visit.

Teachers - quite a few cuts made for time here (see script for full version), including the final scene in Mr Harris’s house when he looks mournfully at his Happy Facer biscuit.

The Curious Orange Phone in - the real phone result was that about 250 people wanted the Orange to sing the song and over 2000 wanted him crushed. You cruel bastards. The little dancing girls found the Orange a bit frightening in rehearsal, but managed not to leave any unwanted puddles on the actual show.

The actor Kevin Eldon’s QVCVC spot was recorded at 6.30 am on Sunday morning. Did you recognise his new "girlfriend" as the same woman who played Vera Hannan the knitting woman in the Ironic Review? The jumper with a frog on it is based on one that Rich actually saw being sold on the real QVC.

The false Rod Hull - No-one has pointed out that this script was pretty much the same as the Rod Hull we did on the last tour, except it had the Curious Orange instead of Ice T. Kev slipped in the "I can say what the f...lipping hell I want" at the last minute, after we’d been discussing how brilliant it would be if he just said fuck like he used to on stage! The cheeky monkey. We haven’t got in trouble for saying "twat" either, which many people do not realise is that rude. We may resurrect false Rod in the next series, but in a new format.

The businessman was played by an actor called John, who fitted in very quickly with the madness of the show, and must have been a bit confused by it all, and intimidated by the rest of us knowing each other so well. The cut off at the back suit is indeed a Kenny Everett gag. May he rest in peace.

I am in love with the world - I bet Princess Diana never dreamed that this song she enjoyed so much would one day be performed by a mouldy orange surrounded by frightened children in tu-tus. I think it would have given her pleasure to know that it has. The Curious Orange may or may not return, perhaps in new fruit form next time.

New series? - Our lunch with Mark Thompson is on the 20th April. We’ll let you know how it goes. Things are looking positive though, but we won’t be back before November at the earliest.