Hooray! It's nearly over. Ha ha. The show went all right on Sunday. Again the audience were a little young (hence the few snipes) and reserved. Hopefully you enjoyed it at home. We're really sorry about the people who've come to see the show but haven't been able to get in. It sucks, but that's the way it is. It isn't our fault.

The viewing figures last Friday on 0.5 million and on Sunday we were down to 0.8. So much for the power of advertising! But the clocks going forwards can't have helped (we have an excuse for every week!) I bet loads of you, like David Darlington from Edinburgh were still in bed when we started.

The opening titles - Rich wakes up next to a pantomime horse's head (I think). Stu was smoking some kind of pipe I expect. Rich had a Lady Di doll advert on his fridge and an alien head in his fridge. If you're interested in knowing what is in the opening titles, then watch them yourselves.

I was only joking about that opening titles thing there.

King of the Show - Elliot Tiney was King. His video was very funny, as was the one of the other guy we showed, but we thought that bloke looked a bit mad and took the easy option. Elliot tried to chip in a few gags, but unfortunately kept getting cut off, or verbally attacked by Stew. A bit harsh or fair enough in the circumstances? You decide.

Camelot PLC's TMWNRJ - It is perhaps testament to the BBC that we were allowed to do a show that criticises them so much. Paul Jackson the head of Comedy at the BBC saw the show and came to tease us afterwards that he was upset, becuase he'd been on Radio 4 that morning defending the BBC's Scratchcard show. Rich genuinely won £2 with his first ticket, but as the ticket cost £2 this is maybe nothing to write home about.

The Organ Gang - Adrian Appendix's Big Adventure. Still no definite consensus on whether this is good or rubbish. But it was nice to hear Brain Cant doing such a fine job at pretend annoyance. The script said "Screw You" at the end, but Brain didn't want to say that (he said"I suppose people would find it funny to hear Brian Cant saying 'Screw You' but I don't feel happy about it" - And it was funny hearing him say it, and he had said it, do you see?) so he changed it to "Sod You" which we think is ruder. Rich and Stu voiced the QVC channel showing in Adrian's house. They are discussing a catheter, which comes in red and blue colours. It was very funny what they said, but no-one will ever hear it. We'll try and get a copy maybe!

Trevor and Natalie - dressed as Arthur and Guinevere. They are fast becoming a living Barbie and Ken. But who knows, maybe next week they'll get to speak!

Teachers - a slightly cut down version again. This sketch was intended to be shown 4th, but we felt it worked better third and we still haven't decided what to cut from the intended third show one. The argument between Kennedy and the Headmaster was based on one that got improvised during the teacher sketch from the last tour.

The Hugh Sexey wing - Hugh Sexey was a real bloke and in Wedmore near Cheddar there is a school called Hugh Sexey's which as you can imagine cause Rich some childish mirth. Rich's mum, sister and brother-in-law have all worked there. The sketch was filmed in one of the Grange Hill classrooms, which was incrediby cold.

When Insects Attack - The lettuce leaf was voiced and moved by Stewart Lee. An extensive description of how this worked will appear in the tour programme. We may put it up on the internet pages too, but if one person complains that we've used the same thing twice we will have it taken off the web pages. So watch it.

PFTFTD - The actor Kevin Eldon continues in fine form. The laughter at the end of the first thought was his idea and was funny.

Jack Docherty - perhaps the best guest so far. Good to get him to talk about that Morwena Banks thing. The cat food idea did not mean anything and Jack has no connection with cat food of any kind. The cat food was made from stewing steak and jelly. During the rehearsal Rich was nearly sick because it stank so much, which is why Jack tried to put it in his face. Jack is a fucking nice bloke and was great in Absolutely which our audience was too young to remember. Also we'd been on his show to promote the series, like we had been on nearly all our guests' shows.

The Curious Orange - Mark E Smith of the Fall saw the show this week and apparently really enjoyed the Orange (though it's an odd one to be the first one you'd seen) - he wrote Kurious Oranj, the song that introduces the Orange and inspired the character. The song the Orange sang was a traditional music hall sang that Stu's grandad used to sing. Apparently it also appeared in an old Rutland Weekend Television sketch which neither of us ever saw. The Orange juice hit Rich right in the eyes, blinding him for several seconds, he banged into the podium breaking one of the glasses, though that might have happened off air. The orange is moulding and had transformed to acid which ate Rich's finger when he put his finger through the skin.

Jo Unwin, her husband, the actor Kevin Eldon and her lover Richard Thomas - The story develops nicely. The photos of Richard and Jo were taken near our rehearsal room in Ladbroke Grove. The actors largely ad lib their arguments in rehearsal and are excellent.

What would you eat? - Originally ad libbed during our last tour. Though this was a shortened version. We made the mistake of not asking Rich if he would eat Trevor. His small face could hardly count.

The Incredible Hulk ending - The actor Kevin Eldon leaves town like the Incredible Hulk did at the end of every episode. We toyed with doing the theme from the Littlest Hobo instead. Kev does not know what we said in the V/O at the end. Ha ha.

No insects were killed during the filming of this show, but one slug had salt poured on it and was needlessly stamped on.