Viewing figures were back to normal (0.9 million - 0.8 million - 1 million) 5 complaints about inappropriate scheduling, but not much else. The Friday repeat is getting about 0.4 million now This is down a bit, but probably because Bill Bailey is not getting many viewers and this has a knock on effect.. Much better show this week - possibly the best so far friom our point of view. Let us know if you agree/disagree.

TITLES - Rich is in bed with the false Rod Hull. I think Denise Van Outen was on the fridge door with "I am stupid" or something coming out of her mouth. There were human hands in the fridge. Stu was smoking some other kind of pipe, I didn't notice.

Trevor and Natalie were dressed as Arabian slaves, for no particular reason. Ian Kignell was played by a child actor called Louis. He came up with the line "Chubby Chops" himself. He was very good.

Something from last week I've just remembered. In the Ironic Review, the line "Radio is where you begin and end your career" is a direct quote from arch curmudgeon Patrick Marber.

Insects - We took a break from Insects to avoid getting too repetitive. We did film another one, which had Rich in a goatee beard being attacked by fleas. We didn't think it added anything to the ouevre. I think the script's somewhere up on the pages (it is, but I'm not going to link to it here - Rob).

Genetic mutants - We got loads of fabulous entries. Thanks for sending them in and congratulations to Toby Poole for winning. He seemd like a nice bloke. He had been sitting opposite an annoying American on the train down, hence his disgruntled law.

Organ Gang - still divisive, but the balance seems to be shifting slightly to people being in favour. Especially given this week's one was pretty funny. Again, it was cut right down, so we'll include a complete script for the Organ loving nits.

Histor's Eye - Again this was quite ruthlessly editted, but works pretty well. Stu and Rich hadn't liked it when they first saw it, but the producer, Charlie Hanson and the director Gareth Carrivick editted it really well and got a workable sketch out of it. In the original the Beatles were crowned kings of England replacing Nazi King Edward VIII. This explains the crowns. We overdubbed a couple of topical references as eagle eared viewers may have noticed. The accents were deliberately rubbish, but Rich's was genuinely the best he could do. We were very tired filming this one (end of a very long day and our arms hurt holding up the puppets. This tiredness manifests itself at one point when Histor's voice becomes more like Zippy from Rainbow. Also you can clearly see Rich trying to remember his lines when he is Ringo. All this just adds to the authemticity of the sketch though, of course! I believe the full script is up somewhere already.

Teachers - the return of the teachers from Fist of Fun. This episode was necessarily a bit of a back track to introduce new viewers to the characters, but in future weeks there will be more development. We filmed at the Grange Hill set. Paul Putner and Jo Unwin were excellent as the inspectors (some marvellous reaction shots) and Kevin Eldon re prises his role of the headmaster, first seen on the FOF tour. We cut two scenes together, so Kennedy's Nazi salute at the end doesn't quite match (he's sitting on a desk) though it is feasible he'd hopped up there. Did you spot it?

MOA 1974 - Another classic. MOA1974 fans are coming out of the woodwork. It is funny and if you do not like it you have a flawed sense of humour.

The attack on Ian Kignell is another routine that we ad libbed on stage during the last tour. Sorry to those of you who feel it is a rip off for us to do tour material on TV, but only about 3000 people saw our tour and 1 and a half million see it on TV. Also, give us our due we have written a hell of a lot of new material for these shows which are 45 minutes long and there are 8 in the series, (the equivalent of 2 series of FOF writing wise and no Pete to write 4 minutes a week this time. It's important to keep the quality of the material at as high a standard as possible to help us get recommissioned, so please forgive us a small amount of re-use from tour, book and radio.

Roger Crowley - This week's evil doing is based on something Aleister Crowley actually attempted. Roger kissed the fish at the end. He is mad.

Curious Orange - The most popular routine yet involving this obnoxious citrus fruit. It was great fun hitting him in the head and all credit to Paul Putner for producing that terrifying noise at the end of the routine. He is a very frightening character.

The closing credits - These crashed, so there were no credits this week. The insect disclaimer read something like "No insects appeared in this week's show, but we killed some anyway, just for fun". The "I made this" riff is getting more elaborate too.
That's all. Keep watching. Just three weeks to go!